Visa released the news that there will be major changes to Visa cards.

One main Visa card for all cards

For one, Visa will create a credit card that will connect all your Visa cards. What that means is 

that you will need to carry just one credit card for all your swiping needs.

You will have the capability to choose which credit card should be charged for each type of purchase you swipe your card for, ie: gas, groceries, retail shopping, etc.

Get rid of credit card numbers

Yet another major update to Visa is that credit card numbers as they are known for will be abolished. Visa will remove credit card numbers from physical credit cards. In turn, you will only be able to swipe or tap your Visa card. 

If you plan to shop online which puts you in a situation where you need a credit card number to type in at checkout, you will be able to generate a one-time credit card number to use.

Tab for online shopping

Regarding online shopping, you will be able to tab your Visa card to your smartphone to checkout online. You will not even need to enter a credit card number.

Let us see when the changes come to be and what it means for Visa consumers.

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