Interestingly, while Alaska became a oneworld member in Spring last year, it still won’t let you
redeem Alaska miles on every oneworld member. But it’s not like it matters anyway. Alaska
Mileage Plan used to be pure gold; however, it’s getting more and more stingy with every new
redemption partner it’s adding to its already extensive list.

Alaska redemption schemes

First thing Alaska asks you to do when you get to the Award Charts page, is choose where
you want to fly.

Then, depending on your input, it offers you a choice of partner airlines. Alaska has different
award charts for its own flights and for each partner. Some of theses schemes are distance-
based, while others are region-based. Keep in mind that Alaska allows you to have one free
stopover for every one-way flight on all airline partners, so you can basically get two free
stopovers on a round-trip ticket.

Alaska airline partners

Here is the list of Alaska airline partners. Since Alaska charts are unique among
frequent flyer programs, I’m enclosing (very subjective) the airlines’ corresponding
redemption values.

Alaska oneworld airline partners

  • American Airlines (same mileage as AAdvantage)
  • British Airways (average mileage / HUGE surcharge!)
  • Cathay Pacific (excellent!)
  • Fiji Airways (excellent!)
  • Finnair (high)
  • Iberia (very high!)
  • Japan Airlines (excellent!)
  • Malaysia Airlines (can’t yet redeem)
  • Qantas (excellent!)
  • Qatar Airways (very high)
  • Royal Air Maroc (atrocious!)
  • Royal Jordanian (very high!)
  • S7 Airlines (can’t yet redeem)
  • SriLankan Airlines (can’t yet redeem)

Other airline partners

  • Aer Lingus (average)
  • Condor (average)
  • Hainan Airlines (excellent but HUGE surcharge)
  • Icelandair (average / high surcharge)
  • Korean Air (atrocious!)
  • LATAM Airlines (excellent!)
  • Singapore Airlines (high)

Good redemptions

While Alaska’s own award chart is pretty decent, I’d hesitate to use Alaska miles for anything
other than long-hauls in international Business Class. In the end, Alaska miles are not easy to
come by and you shouldn’t waste them on mediocre redemptions. Having said that, here are
some options you might find useful.

U.S. and Canada on Alaska metal in economy

If you live in the Northwest, you might find Alaska distance-based rates very attractive. They
start from 5,000 miles for flight distances under 700 miles and 7,500 miles between 701 and
1,400 miles. And in many (but not all) cases, this chart covers only the distance between your
origin and the final destination regardless whether your flight requires a connection or not.

Fly within Alaska on Alaska

This might feel obvious, but it’s worth reminding that Alaska Airlines is the primary carrier in
the 49 th state, with an extensive network often corresponding with astronomical fares. If you’re
on a mission to explore this fascinating land, Alaska miles can save you a bundle.

Fly to Asia on Hainan in Business for 50,000 miles

50,000 miles to Asia in Business would be a fantastic value, especially that Hainan award
seats are relatively easy to come by, but unfortunately Alaska adds fuel surcharges to Hainan
flights that seem to start around $150 for one-way flight to China and go even higher
depending on your final destination. Still, it’s a solid choice for a lie-flat seat on an ultra long-
haul flight.

Fly on Singapore First and Business Class to Asia

As much as I’m reluctant to recommend buying Singapore flights with Alaska miles (they’re a
bit overpriced), it’s one of the very few Singapore partners that has this options. The vast
majority of Singapore airline partners don’t have access to the carrier’s premium class ultra
long-haul awards, so if you’re hell-bent on pampering yourself in Singapore Business or First
Class (and if you can find the space, that is) Alaska miles are a viable option. Here is what it’s
going to cost you.

The U.S. to Japan

  • Business 80,000
  • First 110,000

The U.S. to Southeast Asia or China

  • Business 100,000
  • First 130,000

Alaska sweet spots

  • Fly to South America for 45,000 miles in Business on LATAM

Finding LATAM Business Class tickets is notoriously hard, but if you manage, you can fly to
the far reaches of southern South America for only 45,000 miles.

  • Fly in cheap Business and First Class to Asia

American Airlines to China and Japan:

  • Business    60,000
  • First Class 80,000

Cathay Pacific to Asia:

  • Business    50,000
  • First Class 70,000

Japan Airlines to Asia

  • Business    60,000
  • First Class 70,000
  • Fly in cheap Business and First Class to the Middle East

Cathay Pacific:

  • Business    62,500
  • First Class 70,000
  • Fly in cheap Business and First Class to Australia, New Zealand and the Pacific


  • Qantas: Business 60,000 / First Class 70,000
  • Cathay Pacific: Business 60,000 / First Class 80,000
  • Fiji: Business 55,000

New Zealand:

  • Qantas: Business 55,000 / First Class 70,000
  • Cathay Pacific: Business 60,000 / First Class 80,000
  • Fiji: Business 55,000

South Pacific:

  • Fiji: Business 55,000

How to book

You can search online for most Alaska partner redemptions, but you’ll need to call 800-252-
7522 to book a flight on Latam or Cathay Pacific.

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