Barclays World Elite Mastercards used to have cell phone protection

The coverage was $800 per claim with a $50 deductible. It was pretty awesome coverage with a low deductible.

Here is a link to the old benefit guide showing the coverage.

But Barclays decided to remove it without notice!

I recently called Barclays for a claim on my Avaiter card but they told me my card has no cell phone protection.

I was shocked, but, the rep said it’s no longer a benefit, but could not clarify when exactly it was removed.

I have many Barclays credit cards and I don’t remember getting a single letter stating this change to the benefits.

I downloaded from my online account an updated benefits guide and I see the rep is correct. It no longer lists cell phone protection as a benefit (I checked my Miles & More, Avaiter, and JetBlue).

You can check out the new benefits guide here.

Im not a lawyer but I think a bank is legally required to notify cardholders about a change in benefits. Did anyone get a letter stating this change?

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