I am very savvy at racking up credit card points. I just know how to play the game.

My Chase Ultimate Rewards account in particular, has been bulging over the past few months. I was already envisioning the lovely getaway I’d use the points for. Somewhere cool, exotic, and peaceful.

Well, good thing I didn’t divulge my foreseeable plans to my wife because whatever plans I’d been hoping for were crumbled instantly one fine day.

Two weeks ago, I logged into my account as soon as I stepped into the office. I wanted to see where my points were up to. Image my utter dismay when there was a big ZERO as the sum total of points.

Sure I’d logged into the wrong account, I tried again. The zero was still there.

My reward account had been hacked. I was shocked and devastated! Even jittery at the thought of an intruder poking into my personal space.

I was an official victim of identity theft. Someone had stolen my credit card rewards. There had been so many points!

Chase steps in

Feeling helpless, I decided to go down one road I thought might lead me somewhere in the hope of at least trying.

I called up Chase and reported the story to them. I told them my identity had been stolen along with my Chase Ultimate Rewards.

Being ever sympathetic, the rep told me they’d investigate the matter and get back to me.

True to his word, I received a letter in the mail just a few days later. Chase had indeed investigated and seen how my points had been stolen via identity theft. Out of courtesy, they were returning my points to me!!

I logged into my account and sagged with relief. All my stolen Chase Ultimate Reward points were back in my account! Bless Chase bank!

In all honesty, Chase was not responsible for my loss due to the theft. But they went above and beyond and gave me back the points I’d lost.

I am so grateful and happy that I’d tried my luck and reached out to Chase.

Now I just have to go inform my wife of our upcoming vacation! Somewhere cool, exotic, and peaceful.

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